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Customer Reviews - Main Review Page

While we think we do a pretty awesome job, here are some of what our customers have to say.

I am writing to share my experience with Woodward Pet Sitting (Audrey), who has given exceptional care to our dog Ruby. Audrey came to us through a referral and has been with us since the spring of 2013.

This was my first experience with a pet sitter and I really didn’t know what to expect. But when I first met Audrey she had a very calm demeanor and Ruby seemed comfortable with her. We went out of town for a weekend and Audrey came to stay with our Ruby while we were away and everything went very well. To ease my nerves, she was kind enough to send me emails with pictures of Ruby doing just fine. I find Audrey to be extremely reliable and trustworthy. She is also very accommodating with changes in schedule and always returned my phone calls promptly. She always leaves a note about her visit and sometimes even some homemade dog treats. I feel she truly cares about animals and is genuinely concerned about their well-being. Ruby and I would highly recommend Woodward Pet Sitting.
Rosalinda - Royal Oak - 2013

Review Blurbs
Stellar, comforting service! I recently adopted an 8 week old puppy from a rescue. Babies that young cannot and should not hold their bladders for more than 3 hours at a time.

I am extremely happy with the service provided by Woodward Pet Sitting. When my job went through a restructure and found out I would be gone from home for at least 11 hours a day I knew that I would have to find someone to take care of my fur-babies.

We have been using Woodward Pet Sitting for over 3 years now for our standard poodle, Diamond. She gets a daily walk with Danielle that she LIVES for every day during the work week. It’s also fantastic that when we travel we no longer need to find someone to watch...