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My name is Audrey. I began Woodward Pet Sitting wanting to provide the best care for animals while their owners were at work, or on vacation. I have two dogs (Murphy & Piper) and two kitties (Hobbes & Cora) at home that are my babies. Our goal at WPS is to take care of your pets, as if they were ours.


My name is Danielle. I'm the Office Manager and I absolutely love my job! I live in Madison Heights with my husband and our small army of dogs and cats! I've been an animal lover as long as I can remember. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing a happy, wagging tail and I cant wait to meet your furry loved ones!


My name is Elyn. I live in Northwest Detroit with my two cats, Bette and Tate. I spend my "me" time sewing, writing, and hunting for antiques. At social gatherings I'm the one socializing with the family pet. I have experience caring for all shapes, sizes, and temperaments of dogs and cats. I truly love bringing joy to the lives of our fury friends and can't wait spend quality time with yours!


My name is Mike. I live in Hamtramck with 2 wonderful cats. I love cats and dogs and have vast experience with them, including dog-walking in Chicago and living with a large rottweiler in a small NYC apartment. I am also a musician who spends a lot of time writing, recording, and performing, as well as attending many shows. I am looking forward to spending time with your pet and providing the best care possible!


My name is Meara. I am living in Oak Park with my dog Cake, I adopted him when I lived in Arizona and he is my whole heart. In my free time, I paint, skateboard, and spend time in nature with my baby Cakers! I have been taking care of animals since a young age, they bring so much happiness and joy into my life and I love knowing I bring the same joy into theirs. Looking forward to being a friend for your pets!


My name is Stephanie. it’s been a joy to meet, form bonds with, and take care of animals for 7 years. It means a lot to be able to bring peace of mind through prioritizing your pets safety and happiness. Back home, I live with Indi the cat. In my free time when I’m not lounging around with Indi, I am almost always out in nature or painting in my basement making stacks of artwork.


My name is Ben. I’m an artist and musician living in downtown Detroit who loves to stay active. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to take in pets of my own, so I’ve become a god father to the dogs and cats of my friends! I’m looking forward to getting out for walks with your pups and gabbing with your cats when you can’t be home!


My name is Ali. I'm 23 and have a huge passion for taking care of animals and people. I had my own dog walking business when I lived in Florida for three years I walked about 15 dogs a week and even did check ins I started off with just a few dogs than my business expanded it was a fulfilling and amazing experience. I plan on going into the medical field and going into the dental side of it and hopefully opening my own dog boarding facility one day .


My name is Jonathan. I live in Royal Oak with my little terrier, Waffle, whom I adopted while living in Orlando. When we’re not sniffing every tree and bush on the block, we’re relaxing and napping on the couch. He’s been a true companion and a significant part of my life, so I value providing the highest standard of care for your companions. In my free time, you can find me playing video games, reading, exploring the city and practicing photography. Anticipate some new Instagram worthy pet portraits!


My name is Haleigh. I have recently moved to Downtown Detroit. I love to spend my time sewing, traveling, and watching movies. I haven’t been able to take in any pets of my own the past couple of years, so I have become the designated pet sitter for all of my friends and family. I’m so excited to meet and spend time with your pets!

Review Blurbs
Woodward Pet Sitting is the BEST. They provide the best service and take the best care of my fur babies. Molly is my go-to sitter, but every experience I've had with WPS has been a positive one. Each sitter has sent me photos, recaps, and have genuinely made me feel...

We are so thankful to have found Woodward Pet Sitting when we moved. There service is fabulous. Our 2 dogs were [strong]over the top[/strong] taken care of and so was our home.

We are so pleased to have found Woodward Pet Sitting after moving to the area last fall. We have worked with other pet sitting services in the past and Audrey is far and away the most professional and responsive. Highly recommended.