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Customer Reviews - Main Review Page

While we think we do a pretty awesome job, here are some of what our customers have to say.

I have been so impressed with WPS - they are the reason I'm writing my first review on Yelp. I recently moved to the area and travel every couple months for work, so finding someone that could take care of my two kittens was getting really tough. I had never used a pet sitting service before and was a little (ok a lot) nervous, but after doing some research and looking at a couple different companies, I decided to give WPS a shot. They responded within 12 hours of my email and we were able to schedule the in-person consultation the same day. They asked a lot of great questions and the boys walked right up to them which was a good sign (you never know with cats). Getting to meet Jeff, the person who would be watching them, helped me feel more comfortable too. Since the cats were still fairly young, I opted to do twice a day visits.

The daily email updates with pictures are pretty great. My guys have fairly different personalities and Jeff's descriptions were spot on and made the notes feel genuine. Plus I love getting to see their faces when I'm away 😊 When I got home their stuff was clean and the boys were happy...can't ask for much more than that. I've used WPS multiple times since then and every time we've received the same high quality customer service. The billing is very easy as well and the prices make it an affordable option. It's a huge relief knowing I have a go-to for pet sitting from now on. Thank you, WPS!
Traci - Ferndale - 2018

Review Blurbs
Great experience! The website makes the services & charges very clear, and scheduling the consultation & pet sit was easy. My two cats are incredibly shy so I was amazed when I saw that one of them had come out of his hiding spot by the 2nd visit, and even the especially...

Woodward pet sitting is always available when we need them! Danielle sends us a detailed email with pictures on every visit. Thank you for loving our kitties while we're gone!

We are so pleased to have found Woodward Pet Sitting after moving to the area last fall. We have worked with other pet sitting services in the past and Audrey is far and away the most professional and responsive. Highly recommended.